Land recultivation

Utilization of oil sludge

Disposal of drilling sludge

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Land recultivation

Complex recultivation of oil-polluted lands (by biological and mechanical treatment)

Utilization of oil sludge

Oil sludge neutralization by thermal method at UPNSH-05 installations

Disposal of drilling sludge

Processing of drilling sludge by the granary method («Gruntomaterial-MRS» technology)

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Самостоятельная утилизация отходов, отказ от нее или решение этого вопроса непрофессионалами, часто влечет за собой: Self-disposal of waste, refusal of it or the solution of this issue by non-professionals, often entails::

Large fines

Criminal liability

Problems with
government agencies

Environmental damage

Do not allow this – approach the issue responsibly to avoid risks!

Problems with government agencies