Morserviceecologiy, Ltd has a valid license № 04900071 dated of  December 22, 2017 for the implementation of activities in collection, transportation, processing, utilization, neutralization, storage of wastes of hazard classes I – IV.

The company provides services for  collection, transportation and subsequent disposal of waste of hazard classes III-IV:

  • water- and hydrocarbon-based drilling wastes
  • oil sludge, including cleaning of tanks, pipelines, and oil tankers’ tanks
  • waste oils of all categories
  • petroleum products of all categories that have lost consumer properties
  • rubber technical products
  • used air, oil, and fuel filters
  • radio equipment, office equipment and components that have lost their          
  • consumer properties
  • workwear made of various materials
  • oily waters
  • tires, cameras, fenders 
  • wood wastes, railway sleepers
  • plastics and foam wastes
  • packaging materials wastes
  • contaminated soils.